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Ozempic Hype Forces Employer Calls on Obesity Coverage

Employers are facing a big dilemma: How do they pay for the new highly effective and popular obesity medications without breaking the bank?

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The 12 Million People Lost in a Maze of Medicare and Medicaid

Many of America’s poorest and sickest patients are stuck navigating two separate insurance programs — Medicare and Medicaid — to get the care they need.

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Girls Are in a Mental Health Crisis. What Can Schools Do?

Girls in the U.S. are experiencing record high levels of violence, sadness and suicide risk. How can schools help girls of color navigate this crisis?

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When Research and the Realities of Practicing Medicine Collide

Tradeoffs research reporter Soleil Shah shares what he's learning as a new medical resident about the value and limitations of health policy research.

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What to Expect When Medicare and Pharma Finally Negotiate Drug Prices

We explain how Medicare's historic price negotiations with drugmakers will work, and the impact they could have.

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What White House COVID Coordinator Ashish Jha Learned on the Job

During his 14 months as White House COVID Coordinator, Ashish Jha learned about building consensus, crafting practical policy and how to deal with imperfect data.

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Progress and Pain Points in National Crisis Line’s First Year

We explore what's working, what's not and what's next for 988.

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One Economist’s Plan to Blow Up America’s Health Insurance System

Amy Finkelstein outlines an evidence-based plan to overhaul our patchwork of health insurance policies.

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