The Price of Care

A recent court ruling upheld new federal rules requiring hospitals and insurers to post prices. But will price transparency lower the cost of health care?

Research Corner: Masks, Flint and Primary Care

Physician and economist Bapu Jena discusses a pair of interesting new health policy research papers with implications for COVID-19, primary care and more. 

Becoming a Doctor

Medical interns across the nation are starting their first days as doctors. One resident’s hopes and fears before her first shift in the COVID ICU.

Navigating Risk

With COVID-19 cases surging across the nation, how can Americans fight their coronavirus fatigue while staying safe?

Dealing with DACA and COVID

What the Supreme Court’s decision protecting DACA means to one recipient caring for those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Prognosis: Understanding Silent Spreaders

Bloomberg senior editor Jason Gale digs into what we know — and don’t know — about asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19, also known as “silent spreaders.”

Hard to Reach

New data suggest undocumented immigrants aren’t being tested enough for COVID-19. What’s standing in the way, and what’s being done to address it?

California Dreamin’

Early on, California was conducting just 2,000 coronavirus tests a day. Now the state is up to 60,000. How did they ramp up testing?

Without Precedent

A new, more conservative Supreme Court is about to rule on its first major cases involving reproductive health and rights.

It Takes A Toll

What are the public health impacts of police violence and what would a public health response look like?