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The Treacherous Transition Awaiting Millions Losing Their Medicaid

We dig into three studies to make sense of what will happen to 15 million people set to lose their Medicaid over the next year.

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When Home Becomes a Hospital

What have we learned from the pandemic-feuled expansion of hospital-at-home care?

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The Conservative Clash Over Abortion Bans

Republican lawmakers in at least seven states are pushing to make their state abortion bans less restrictive.

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SCOTUS Weighs Medicaid Recipients’ Right to Sue

Side Effects Public Media Reporter Farah Yousry discusses the Supreme Court case challenging whether Medicaid recipients can continue to use a legal pathway to enforce...

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The Push to Bring Medicaid Behind Bars

People leaving jail and prison are at extremely high risk of hospitalization and death, and policymakers from California to West Virginia think bringing Medicaid behind...

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Medicare Director Meena Seshamani on CMS’ New Drug Pricing Powers

Medicare director Meena Seshamani discusses her team's sprint to put historic drug price reforms into action.

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Medicare Releases Details of Major Drug Price Reform

Medicare's historic plan to slow prescription drug spending is taking shape.

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States’ Uphill Battle to Stop Runaway Health Care Costs

Health care prices went from secrets to the subject of public meetings in Massachusetts. Now other states are following suit to bend the cost curve.

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