Our mission is to help people on Main Street, Wall Street and Capitol Hill have smarter, more honest conversations about health policy. Through our live events, we bring together policymakers, researchers, patients and key stakeholders for nuanced and compelling conversations about the biggest issues in health care policy. 

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Details about upcoming events and footage from past events are below.

Upcoming Events

Office of the Coordinator for Health Information Technology annual meeting

Developers, health systems and regulators can all agree that racial bias should be kept out of clinical AI tools as much as possible. But what will it take to make that a reality? And how can regulators and those they regulate work together to reach this goal? Dan Gorenstein will moderate three one-on-one discussions featuring industry leaders and top officials from ONC, FDA, and HHS’ Office of Civil Rights over two plenary sessions, building off Tradeoffs in-depth reporting on this issue.

Past Events

The National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) annual meeting

Dan Gorenstein facilitated a discussion about health policy journalism at the NASHP annual meeting and our Sound Designer, Andrew Parrella (pictured on the left), set up a listening booth to hear directly from policymakers about the experiments happening in their state. Listen to an audiogram we produced with the audio from the listening booth.

The American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) annual meeting

Tradeoffs was a featured partner at The American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) annual meeting in June. Dan Gorenstein led a session designed to help researchers pitch their work to the press and other stakeholders. He was joined by Mike Chernew in a mock interview to demonstrate a good interview rather than a forgettable one. Dan also met one-on-one with researchers to provide special guidance on presenting and sharing their findings.

Healing at Home: Pandemic Lessons and the Future of Home Care

Tradeoffs hosted a free virtual event to explore the infrastructure, economics, and impact of hospital-at-home programs. An audience of clinicians, caregivers, insurers and researchers joined our host and featured guests to discuss the lessons learned and the future of hospital-at-home.

Pulse Check 988: Reporting from the Field — a National Perspective

December 2022 marked nearly six months into the rollout of 988, the nations new mental health crisis line. Dan Gorenstein hosted a panel with Laura Evans, Daniel H. Gillison, Jr., Hannah Wesolowski and Tiffany M. Russell to explore who is using the number, and are they getting the assistance they seek? What still needs to be done — at the national level and in states and local governments?

Camden Coalition Cal AIM Event

In September 2022, Dan Gorenstein presented at the Camden Coalition’s annual conference, Putting Care at the Center. Dan shared about the reporting on Cal AIM, a new initiative under California’s Medicaid program that adds new dental benefits, changes how Medi-Cal addresses addiction and mental illness, and expands the reach of managed care in the state, among other reforms. Dan was joined virtually by Jacey Cooper, director of the California Medicaid Program, to discuss the origins, challenges and hopes for Cal AIM.

Answering the Call: Barriers & Opportunities as the U.S. Adopts a New Mental Health Crisis Line

The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act was signed into law in 2020, which created 9-8-8 as the three digit, go-to number for people experiencing a mental or behavioral health crisis. Dan Gorenstein hosted a discussion on the challenges service providers have faced as they raced to ramp up operations in advance of the launch and where an infusion of federal funding is most needed.