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One Doctor’s Crusade to Improve Health Literacy

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick believes plainspoken information from trusted messengers can help shrink health disparities, and some insurers are buying in.

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The End of Humira’s $200 Billion Drug Monopoly

What will happen when the best selling drug ever finally faces direct competition?

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Three Health Policy Stories to Watch in 2023

In 2023, states will pursue new abortion laws, restart Medicaid eligibility checks and Medicare will begin to flex its new power to negotiate drug prices....

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Best Health Care Podcasts of 2022

Our annual look back at some of the best health care podcast episodes of the year with help from a few of our podcast host...

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Local Officials Grapple With How to Spend Billions in Opioid Settlement Dollars

More than $50 billion in opioid settlement dollars from drugmakers, distributors and pharmacies are starting to flow to state and local governments.

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The Hurdles Facing Black Families Navigating Serious Illness

What stops seriously ill Black patients and their families from getting the care they want in life and in death?

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‘A Shocking Amount of Misery’: Medical Debt in America

We talk about the impact medical debt can have on people's lives and what research tells us about possible solutions.

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Medicare’s Prescription Drug Plan Makeover 

An overhaul of Medicare’s prescription drug benefit will lower costs for seniors while changing incentives for insurers and drugmakers.

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