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We always strive to root our reporting in the latest and greatest data about what we know (and don’t know) when it comes to effective health policies. But there’s way more research coming out than we can fit in a weekly show. 

Enter the Research Corner newsletter. Each week, Tradeoffs reporter Soleil Shah offers original analysis, interviews with leading researchers and more to help you stay on top of the latest in health policy research. 

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Past Research Corner Columns

The Treacherous Transition from Medicaid to Private Insurance

Adrianna McIntyre shares new research on the effect of losing coverage through Medicaid and how long it takes to bounce back.

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Lessons from a Trauma Center Boom in Texas

Sayeh Nikpay shares new research that examines the impact of a trauma center boom in Texas.

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Medicare Open Enrollment

Leslie Walker shares four research studies to explain the stakes of Medicare open enrollment.

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Busier Hospitals Widen Care Disparities for Black Patients

Shooshan Danagoulian shares new research that examines the effect of hospital capacity strain on racial disparities in mortality.

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The Fascinating History of Scheduling Doctor Visits

Ishani Ganguli shares new research that explores the history of scheduling doctors visits.

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How Hospitals Respond to Value-based Payment

Yaa Akosa Antwi shares new research on the impact of a pay-for-performance program on hospital quality.

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Streamlining Access to the Safety Net

Paul Shafer highlights newly federal rule aimed at streamlining application and renewal processes for enrolling in Medicaid and CHIP.

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How Vaccine Mandates Helped Protect Nursing Homes and Their Staff

Jasmine Travers share new research that explores the effect of state vaccine mandates on vaccination rates and staffing changes in nursing homes.

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