Coronavirus Conversations

As the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, continues to challenge health care systems around the world, we’re releasing special episodes featuring conversations with people who are being forced to make difficult decisions in a rapidly evolving situation with many unknowns.

We’ll also be reporting on the policy and research discussions taking place around the pandemic.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Bob Wachter, Pt. 3

Is the coronavirus situation in San Francisco calm enough that one of its top hospitals could start sending doctors to help New York City?

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After the Hospital

Is it a good idea for hospitals to send patients recovering from COVID-19 to nursing homes?

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Coronavirus Conversations: Daniela Lamas

After her hospital bans most visitors to prevent the spread of coronavirus, an ICU doctor struggles to keep her patients connected.

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Coronavirus Conversations: David Reich

A view from inside a hospital at the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak in New York City.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Amy Richardson

A doctor worries about the care her patients won't get because of the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Mayra Jimenez

After coronavirus takes her job and her insurance along with it, a woman living with a chronic condition navigates her new reality.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Bob Wachter Pt. 2

California hasn't seen the surge of COVID-19 cases that New York has. But hospitals are preparing for if it does.

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Primary Care in Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is putting a serious strain on the country's primary care system.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Chris Chen

The challenges of protecting "the old, the poor and the sick" from the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Pam Gueldner

As coronavirus closes down her café, a small business owner reckons with mounting financial challenges.

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