Rooting Out Racial Bias in Health Care AI


About the Series

There’s growing excitement that artificial intelligence can make health care better by speeding up care, improving diagnoses and easing the burden on a burned out workforce. But there are also concerns that these powerful new tools will perpetuate biases and inequities long baked into our health care system.

In this special two-part series, Reporter/Producer Ryan Levi and Dan Gorenstein talk with machine learning experts, clinicians, researchers and government officials to unpack why hospitals are excited about AI, why it’s so hard to root out bias, and how hospitals and federal regulators are trying to keep biased algorithms from getting to the bedside.

Part One

In Part 1, we explore the challenge of diagnosing bias in AI and what one health system is trying to do about it.

Part Two

In Part 2, we dig into what the Biden administration is doing to keep biased algorithms from getting to the bedside.

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