Coronavirus Coverage

As COVID-19 continues to challenge health care systems around the world and upend our daily lives, we’ve turned our attention to reporting on the pandemic and how it is impacting people, policy and money, with our eye always on the research.

Instead of dropping new episodes every other week, we are releasing two episodes each week.

Our coverage will feature conversations with people from across the health care spectrum making difficult decisions in this rapidly evolving situation (previously released as “Coronavirus Conversations”), as well as more in-depth stories that look at the many policy implications of this pandemic.

If you have a personal story of a tough choice you’re grappling with or an idea for an upcoming episode you’d like to share, you can email us at

Trump and COVID-19

What do experts think of President Trump's COVID-19 response? And what do they think a second Trump term could look like for health policy?

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Doctors Coping with COVID, Part 2

In part two of our series, we examine why more doctors don’t seek help, and the costly consequences that distress can have.

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Doctors Coping with COVID, Part 1

The pandemic is taking a toll on providers' mental health. The first of a two-part series begins with an ER doctor on the frontlines in Arizona.

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Learning As We Go

How are educators and families navigating what we know, and don’t know, about the risks of restarting school during a pandemic?

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On the Job in the ICU

As medical interns step into their new roles as doctors, one resident gives us a window into her experiences in the COVID ICU.

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Meeting the Mental Health Need

Soaring numbers of Americans are feeling anxious, stressed and depressed. Could a reimagined approach to primary care help meet their needs?

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Summer Concerns

We dig into the latest polling on how voters are feeling about health care and the pandemic.

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Listener Mailbag: Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

Will this be the end of fee-for-service? How should we price a COVID vaccine? Bapu Jena and Sayeh Nikpay answer audience questions about the pandemic.

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Taking the Pulse of Insurers

Insurers have been on strong financial footing during the pandemic while doctors, hospitals and consumers have not been as lucky.

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Leaving the WHO

President Trump says the U.S. is leaving the World Health Organization. What it might mean for public health in the U.S. and the world.

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