Coronavirus Coverage

As COVID-19 continues to challenge health care systems around the world and upend our daily lives, we’ve turned our attention to reporting on the pandemic and how it is impacting people, policy and money, with our eye always on the research.

Instead of dropping new episodes every other week, we are releasing two episodes each week.

Our coverage will feature conversations with people from across the health care spectrum making difficult decisions in this rapidly evolving situation (previously released as “Coronavirus Conversations”), as well as more in-depth stories that look at the many policy implications of this pandemic.

If you have a personal story of a tough choice you’re grappling with or an idea for an upcoming episode you’d like to share, you can email us at

Mission Critical

A new federal effort races to virtually deploy critical care providers wherever they’re needed — from COVID hospitals to floods, fires, and even war.

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Good Intentions

Drugmakers and regulators are placing an unprecedented emphasis on diversity in vaccine clinical trials. 

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A Telehealth Checkup

COVID-19 has forced rule changes that have created a telehealth revolution. What have we learned, and are these policies here to stay?

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The Opioid Crisis Is Still Here

While the coronavirus pandemic has sucked up all the oxygen, the opioid crisis continues to get worse.

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The Medicare Cliff

Medicare is usually a top election issue. But not this year, even though one of its trust funds is fast running out of money.

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Research Corner: Picking Plans

We explore new research on why we so often struggle to pick the best health insurance plans.

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Debate Do-Over

Although health care consumed nearly one-third of the first presidential debate, the conversation left a lot to be desired.

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Shifting Concerns

The 2020 election was supposed to be all about health care. Then 2020 happened.

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Biden and COVID-19

We ask the experts about Biden's plans to increase COVID-19 testing, shore up PPE and supply chains, and institute a national mask mandate.

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Trump and COVID-19

What do experts think of President Trump's COVID-19 response? And what do they think a second Trump term could look like for health policy?

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