Coronavirus Coverage

As COVID-19 continues to challenge health care systems around the world and upend our daily lives, we’ve turned our attention to reporting on the pandemic and how it is impacting people, policy and money, with our eye always on the research.

Instead of dropping new episodes every other week, we are releasing two episodes each week.

Our coverage will feature conversations with people from across the health care spectrum making difficult decisions in this rapidly evolving situation (previously released as “Coronavirus Conversations”), as well as more in-depth stories that look at the many policy implications of this pandemic.

If you have a personal story of a tough choice you’re grappling with or an idea for an upcoming episode you’d like to share, you can email us at

Home Sweet Hospital

With business models upended by COVID-19, hospitals are dusting off a decades-old model for bringing acute care into patients' homes.

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Science Under Pressure

Sites known as preprint servers post research in mere days. That speed has advantages during a health crisis, but it also comes with risks.

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Masking Problems

How racism makes wearing a mask in public much more complicated for one black doctor.

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The Home Run Approach

Some scientists argue we should intentionally infect volunteers with the coronavirus to get a vaccine sooner. How would it work?

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Bill, Interrupted

The coronavirus has dashed Colorado Democrats' dreams of passing a highly anticipated public option bill.

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What the Fax?

Public health departments find themselves fighting the coronavirus with phones and faxes rather than the real-time data that they need.

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Disease Detectives

Inside one county's efforts to use contact tracing to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

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The Medicaid Cliff

What happened to Medicaid during the last recession? And what can that teach us going into the next one?

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Primary Care on the Mend

The coronavirus is straining our primary care system. But, for some, the situation is starting to look up.

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The COBRA Conundrum

Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance along with their jobs. What should be done to help them stay covered during this crisis?

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