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We always strive to root our reporting in the latest and greatest data about what we know (and don’t know) when it comes to effective health policies. But there’s way more research coming out than we can fit in a weekly show. 

Enter the Research Corner newsletter. Each week, Tradeoffs reporter Soleil Shah offers original analysis, interviews with leading researchers and more to help you stay on top of the latest in health policy research. 

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Past Research Corner Columns

How Immigration Enforcement Can Affect Newborns’ Health

Sebastian Tello-Trillo shares research on the impact of immigration enforcement fears on babies born to undocumented parents.

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How Medicaid Mental Health Coverage Could Keep People Out of Jail

Kosali Simon shares research on the relationship between Medicaid, mental health care and incarceration.

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More Public Transit Can Mean More Access to Care

Emily Gee writes about a new study showing that fewer people missed their appointments after a new transit line opened up in Minnesota.

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State AGs Are Doing Work on Drug Pricing

Erin Fuse Brown writes about a new article highlighting the role of state attorneys general on improving drug price affordability.

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The Role of Mental Shortcuts in the Delivery Room

Bapu Jena looks a new research on how doctors use quick mental shortcuts to decide how to deliver babies after complicated births.

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Saving Money on Cancer Care Is Hard

Stacie Dusetzina shares new research on the results of one of the largest efforts ever to improve care and control costs for cancer patients.

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The Role of Public Opinion in Mental Health Care

Maria Polyakova shares new research on why a community's attitude toward mental health treatment could be even more important than how many providers it has.

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A Lot of Kids Lost Parents and Caregivers to COVID-19

Samantha Artiga shares new research estimating the staggering number of kids who have lost a parent or caregiver to COVID-19.

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