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We always strive to root our reporting in the latest and greatest data about what we know (and don’t know) when it comes to effective health policies. But there’s way more research coming out than we can fit in a weekly show. 

Enter the Research Corner newsletter. Each week, Tradeoffs reporter Soleil Shah offers original analysis, interviews with leading researchers and more to help you stay on top of the latest in health policy research. 

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Past Research Corner Columns

How Patents Help Keep Obesity Drug Prices Sky-High

A recent JAMA study sheds light on how the manufacturers of a class of popular weight-loss drugs have avoided competition from more affordable generics.

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How Smartwatches Could Lead Doctors to Overtreat Patients

A new study suggests doctors struggle to know when and how to act on heart rhythm data generated by patients' smartwatches.

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Experts Share Four Key Studies you Might have Missed this Summer

Experts from the Tradeoffs Advisory Board share some of their favorite new health policy studies.

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Can Medicare Afford to Foot the Bill for New Alzheimer’s Drugs?

Recent analyses in JAMA and by the Kaiser Family Foundation raise questions about whether Medicare and its beneficiaries can afford a new wave of Alzheimer's treatments.

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Why an Influential Task Force Doesn’t Recommend Screening for Suicide Risk

New guidelines for clinicians suggest there’s not enough evidence to screen most adults for suicide risk.

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How Charitable are Nonprofit Hospitals?

A new Health Affairs study finds that as nonprofit hospitals' earnings grow, their charity care spending fails to keep pace.

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Putting a Price Tag on Patients’ Social Needs

A study in JAMA Internal Medicine calculates the cost of fully meeting the social needs of primary care patients – and finds the current system falls short.

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Can Immigration Help Solve the Nursing Home Staffing Crisis?

A recent NBER working paper looks at the effects of immigration into the U.S. on the staffing and quality of nursing homes.

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