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The Price of Innovation

Is it possible to lower drug prices without losing out on breakthrough treatments in the future?

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‘Hot Spotters’ on Trial

What do you do when a process celebrated for keeping the country's costliest patients out of the hospital doesn't work as well as we thought?

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Leap of Faith

As the opioid crisis continues to ravage the country, some states are turning to controversial laws that force people into treatment.

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The Good Stuff

Two friends—a doctor and an economist—have spent more than 20 years trying to redesign insurance around one simple but elusive goal: make the good stuff...

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Feeding the Sick

We know good nutrition is tied to good health. But is there evidence that food should be prescribed and paid for like medicine?

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What Brings You In Today?

Health care leaders are spending more time and money trying to improve how doctors and nurses communicate with their patients. Are those efforts working?

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The Train Has Left the Station

What have 30 years of hospital mergers meant to the cost and quality of care we receive? And where do we go from here?

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The Town the Ballpark Is In

A team of economists and coders has built one of the most influential machines in health care—a machine almost no one has ever heard of.

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