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Doctors Coping with COVID, Part 1

The pandemic is taking a toll on providers' mental health. The first of a two-part series begins with an ER doctor on the frontlines in Arizona.

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An Unpleasant Surprise

Surprise medical bills have become a major issue for Americans, but federal legislation to protect consumers continues to stall.

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Learning As We Go

How are educators and families navigating what we know, and don’t know, about the risks of restarting school during a pandemic?

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On the Job in the ICU

As medical interns step into their new roles as doctors, one resident gives us a window into her experiences in the COVID ICU.

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Meeting the Mental Health Need

Soaring numbers of Americans are feeling anxious, stressed and depressed. Could a reimagined approach to primary care help meet their needs?

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Summer Concerns

We dig into the latest polling on how voters are feeling about health care and the pandemic.

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Listener Mailbag: Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

Will this be the end of fee-for-service? How should we price a COVID vaccine? Bapu Jena and Sayeh Nikpay answer audience questions about the pandemic.

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Taking the Pulse of Insurers

Insurers have been on strong financial footing during the pandemic while doctors, hospitals and consumers have not been as lucky.

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