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Without Precedent

A new, more conservative Supreme Court is about to rule on its first major cases involving reproductive health and rights.

It Takes A Toll

What are the public health impacts of police violence and what would a public health response look like?

Home Sweet Hospital

With business models upended by COVID-19, hospitals are dusting off a decades-old model for bringing acute care into patients’ homes.

Science Under Pressure

Sites known as preprint servers post research in mere days. That speed has advantages during a health crisis, but it also comes with risks.

Masking Problems

How racism makes wearing a mask in public much more complicated for one black doctor.

The Home Run Approach

Some scientists argue we should intentionally infect volunteers with the coronavirus to get a vaccine sooner. How would it work?

Bill, Interrupted

The coronavirus has dashed Colorado Democrats’ dreams of passing a highly anticipated public option bill.

What the Fax?

Public health departments find themselves fighting the coronavirus with phones and faxes rather than the real-time data that they need.

Disease Detectives

Inside one county’s efforts to use contact tracing to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

The Medicaid Cliff

What happened to Medicaid during the last recession? And what can that teach us going into the next one?