Coronavirus Coverage

As COVID-19 continues to challenge health care systems around the world and upend our daily lives, we’ve turned our attention to reporting on the pandemic and how it is impacting people, policy and money, with our eye always on the research.

Instead of dropping new episodes every other week, we are releasing two episodes each week.

Our coverage will feature conversations with people from across the health care spectrum making difficult decisions in this rapidly evolving situation (previously released as “Coronavirus Conversations”), as well as more in-depth stories that look at the many policy implications of this pandemic.

If you have a personal story of a tough choice you’re grappling with or an idea for an upcoming episode you’d like to share, you can email us at

Getting on the Bus

How COVID-19 is threatening one man’s decades-long battle for sobriety and stability.

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(Almost) Everyone Is Doing It

What's the best way to convince people to practice social distancing?

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Who Gets Care

In response to coronavirus, experts are designing plans to ration resources and determine who should get care before someone else.

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What Keeps Me Up at Night

Many older adults were already lonely and isolated before this crisis began. How are they faring now and what's being done to help them?

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Coronavirus Conversations: Bob Wachter, Pt. 3

Is the coronavirus situation in San Francisco calm enough that one of its top hospitals could start sending doctors to help New York City?

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After the Hospital

Is it a good idea for hospitals to send patients recovering from COVID-19 to nursing homes?

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Coronavirus Conversations: Daniela Lamas

After her hospital bans most visitors to prevent the spread of coronavirus, an ICU doctor struggles to keep her patients connected.

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Coronavirus Conversations: David Reich

A view from inside a hospital at the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak in New York City.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Amy Richardson

A doctor worries about the care her patients won't get because of the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Conversations: Mayra Jimenez

After coronavirus takes her job and her insurance along with it, a woman living with a chronic condition navigates her new reality.

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